2015/06/28 LUNATIC FEST: 幕張メッセ; Chiba, JP

triforce lights in our hotel room overlooking the stadium XD

Considering how far makuhari is, and how much of a pain it is to get back to the station & on a train after a giant festival, we were Girl was smart & started booking hotels pretty much immediately after the festival was announced at the Osaka show in March. XD So we ended up spending Saturday night at a hotel right next to the venue. Which was apparently a popular idea, as the lobby & all the restaurants inside were pretty much filled entirely with other festival-goers. Took us quite a while to get our food, but we were able to go up & climb into bed within a few minutes afterward, instead of being stuck on a 75+ minute train ride. Well, after the obligatory trip to the upstairs onsen. More importantly, we were able to sleep fairly late, check out, and walk to the venue in a few minutes (the route we took from the hotel back into the other side of the venue was MUCH quicker than the way we'd been led outside & had to walk all the way around the night before).


Day 2 kicked off again w/ the same announcer guy introducing the event & asking everyone to be nice & follow the rules. LUNACY's intro music started just slightly late at 11:11 (scheduled 11:10), and another ridiculously short 3-song set ensued. Including SUSPICIOUS! Which has only been played one other time since 1992, at the 2010 Lunacy 黒服限定 show at Dome. And then- a repeat of SHADE. Umm, guys? Maybe if you're doing a rare thing, and only 3 songs a day, maybe do different songs each day? -_-; Like really, you could've thrown in BRANCH ROAD or NIGHTMARE or something... oh well. And especially considering how damn short FATE is, it was like only getting 1.5 songs! :P" Anyway.

  1. FATE
  3. SHADE


Ugh. These guys. And girl. Saw them open for TSP in 2010 and I maintain my opinion of them as The Worst. Seriously. If the telephones vocals sound like a hyper Mickey Mouse yelling, this band sounds like Mickey & Minnie having a to-the-death screaming match. Yet somehow they're apparently very popular. Do not get. >_<;; Well, nobody can like everything, & nobody can be liked by everyone.

  1. I was music
  3. Enigmatic Feeling
  4. 感覚UFO
  5. 傍観


Yet another band that opened for J on one of his 5-Days, back in 2007. J joined them for a song.

  1. 世界の終わり
  2. This World (w/ J)
  3. 響く都
  4. DANCE
  5. 金色グラフィティー


I didn't know anything about this band other than Ken Morioka was in it, who'd played in the all-star hide band at 気志團万博 in 2013, as well as another member of Soft Ballet, which all the old-school B-T fans seem to like (they've worked w/ B-T and side project SCHAFT). They were also joined by a female drummer. And holy hell, for an electronic duo at a pretty much all-rock festival, these guys got shit going. I ended up hitting Tower the next week to grab their (only) CD, but it was sold out, so I had to order it. Gonna get to see them w/ Atom on Sphere in October, too!

  1. 444
  2. No_4
  4. No_5
  5. B612 (Ver.0)


Aion is apparently an old (early 80s) metal band that LUNA SEA used to tour with. J stood off to the side & acted as roadie for their set. Their intro music was pipe organ. Everyone threw a frisbee at the end- all at once, too, which was mildly amusing.

  2. 君へ
  3. SKY


Didn't know anything about this band, either, except that it contained 土屋昌巳, and a vocalist (Issay, of Der Zibet) who looks like a dead vampire version of Acchan. Oh, and Ken Morioka was in this one, too. They started off w/ an instrumental that Tsuchiya played at the first BT On Parade. For the last song, Sugizo came out & joined them for Joy Division's "Transmission"!

  1. Spider & Pirates
  2. Jack The Midnight
  3. The Prisoner
  4. Last Shadow
  5. Transmission [Joy Division] (w/ SGZ)


Mucc wins for "most times seen while going to other concerts". They played at hide summit, opened for TSP in 2010, played Summer Sonic the next year, and joined B-T on Parade in 2012, making this the 5th time we've seen them. And yet I still don't know any of their songs. Oh well. They did the "everyone sit down & then jump up at the same time!" thing again.

  1. 睡蓮
  3. D・f・D (Dreamer from Darkness)
  4. G.G.
  5. 蘭鋳

our spot under the moon :D


Yet another J opener. They started 3m late. That is all I have in my notes. lol.

  1. Stimulator
  2. starrrrrrr
  3. Kick & Spin
  4. Famous Day
  5. ワタリドリ


OK, finally onto the bands I've actually heard of! Glay is another one of those huuuge bands that pretty much everyone knows a few songs from. Hell, I've even done a few of their songs at karaoke before, which they dutifully performed. They also threw in a LUNA SEA cover of... wait for it... SHADE. Um, what? Yeah, the song we already heard LUNACY play TWICE over the 2 days, now a third time. WTF? Didn't they check for overlap? >_<;

  2. 誘惑
  3. 微熱(A) girl summer
  4. 月に祈る
  5. 口唇
  7. 彼女のModern


Another old band I knew about, have some of their stuff, and have even seen live (and photo'd!) before! Part of the MC was 「何百人でもない。何千人でもない。何万人だよね!」 ("it's not 100s, not 1000s, it's 10s of 1000s of people here!"). INORAN came out & joined them for La Vie en Rose.

  2. dummy blue


Awww yeah, time for my 2 favorite Japanese bands, back to back! Something I don't think has happened since the LSB shows in 1994 (which Ryuichi mentioned after having Ken Morioka & U-ta say a few words in the giant session- more on that later). The set started off w/ the BT Theme intro while fractals crawled across the screen. There were some audio issues in the first song, w/ the mic dropping out a bit in the middle of a line, which was annoying. J came out for ICONOCLASM (no surprise, since he covered it on the first B-T On Parade tribute album) & played/sang along, with Acchan adding "5 for LUNATIC babies!"

    Theme of B-T
  1. 独壇場Beauty
  2. メランコリア
  4. Django!!! -眩惑のジャンゴ-
  5. Memento mori
  6. ICONOCLASM (with J)
  7. 真っ赤な夜
  8. 形而上 流星
  9. 無題


Despite B-T starting (and ending) on time (unlike a certain other band *cough*), LS was still 20m late... oh well. Guess 30m just isn't enough time to swap out all the stage equipment. Anyway.

After the first couple songs, Ryuichi started off saying "Even with 30,000 people, nobody..." then had to catch himself "No wait- GEORGE got injured. OK, nobody got any big injuries." LOL. Oh yeah- so apparently after Yoshiki knocked over his gong the night before, George stood it back up, but then it fell off its stand, and I'm guessing it landed on his foot, which was all wrapped up the 2nd night. LOL. Other highlights/notable moments: The 誰もいない部屋 bit at the end of TRUE BLUE was totally different. Got some nice fire columns during FACE TO FACE. Something about how they "have to keep making music." ROCKET DIVE cover! J turning the camera at the crowd during TIME IS DEAD. Ryuichi dancing for INO during the ROSIER solo...

And then it was time for the mega-session again! Dozens of other band members poured onto the stage, including Ken Morioka, 土屋昌巳, Mucc's vocalist, most of GLAY, a whole bunch of people from other bands, aaand- U-ta. Wait, what? NOBODY else from B-T came out? I AM DISAPPOINT. Here I was, looking forward for MONTHS to pretty much everyone from both bands being on the stage at the same time, and U-ta is the only one that comes out?? WTF, Acchan? I mean, I suppose BELIEVE isn't the kind of song that fits Imai's wailing guitar noises, and with both GLAY guitarists out, maybe Hoshino thought it'd be too crowded. Toll? OK, nothing to do, yeah, sure, but Acchan? Surely there were more than enough mics to go around. MRGH. Anyway. Still got an amusing highlight when Hisashi (GLAY) played the solo, and snuck in a tease of the main riff from 彼女のModern in the middle of it. XD After that was the usual waiting around for everyone to bow at everyone else as they all slowly shuffled off the stage, followed by the obligatory final WISH and the inevitable MOTHER piano solo. And then the very long & slow shuffle out of the venue afterward (even after waiting for most of the crowd to disperse).

  1. Anthem of Light
  6. Providence
  7. I for you
  8. ROCKET DIVE [hide]
  9. Metamorphosis
  11. ROSIER
  12. BELIEVE (mega-session)
  13. WISH

goodbye, lunatic fest *sniffle*

Took our time in an attempt to avoid the crowds (which were still bad getting out of the main area), but not quite enough time to stop by the INO cutout for a pic, as everyone else headed out to go eat somewhere instead. As we got close to the station, I saw a small crowd gathered just outside around someone shredding like mad on guitar, and as I got closer I noticed it was a kid - like, 9-10 years old (who, of course, has his own YouTube channel). Damn you child prodigies, making me feel all unaccomplished & shit! Didn't get to watch for more than a few seconds before being dragged back along w/ the rest of the group, who then ended up not doing anything together anyway. *sigh* Figures. Oh well.

So yeah. A couple moments of disappoint on each night (well, one was sorta expected *coughXwank*), but overall still pretty damn sweet, & got to see a helluva lot of cool bands & people in one place. And hide covers. So, back to plain old boring regular concerts again after this, I guess. :P"

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2015/06/27 LUNATIC FEST: 幕張メッセ; Chiba, JP

timetable, lineup & area map


No, really. This is probably the biggest group of bands I care about that will ever assemble in one place at the same time, ever. Hide Summit came close, and they did have Oblivion Dust, but d00d- LUNA SEA *and* BUCK-TICK in the same place? There's a reason I started a double cover band called LUNA-TICK! XD

This was a looong 2-day event. Sure, BT on Parade 2012 was 2 days, but there were only 6 bands each day (besides BT), and it didn't start as early (or run as late, most likely). These started at 11 and went 'til at least 9, with 10 bands each day, plus LUNA SEA and LUNACY! Of course the LUNACY sets were ridiculously short, but they did the job of getting everyone there on time, 'cause boy, when we walked in on the first day (after checking out the EDEN area stalls a bit first), was it packed! Of course the crowds quickly cleared out as most people didn't stay in the stage area the entire time, but not us! Nope, we were hardcore & pretty much didn't leave our spots at all, except maybe 1-2x each day to pee, and me once on the first day to go out & give a friend her ticket that we had.

So the first morning was a bit rushed, since the entrance was way on one end of Messe, and then we had to walk all the way through on the inside, then wind around again through the goods & food/booth area to get to the stages. Which I suppose is necessary for crowd control, but kind of annoying anyway. Oh well. We only had an hour before the start, which obviously wasn't enough time to line up for goods, but I managed to get a couple pix of the EDEN area & guitar displays. No time for a selfie w/ the cardboard INO cutout. :P" Crammed our way into the main stage area while some guy talked on one of the stages to get us all hyped up (and to remind us of all the rules, no pushing, etc. etc.) Intro music started promptly at 11:10, leading to...


The late-80s "early incarnation" of LUNA SEA, before they changed their name, was all about the glam, which they famously revived at Tokyo Dome in 2010. This time the makeup/costuming wasn't quite as pronounced- Ryu did his makeup & teased his hair up a bit, INO wore a hat w/ long, hanging braids, but J & SUGIZO pretty much looked like they usually do- J in a sleeveless blank shirt & sunglasses, SGZ in his usual all-black flowing outfit (although a bit more fuzzy lace than normal, maybe). XD The set was an incredibly short 3 songs, but I suppose they didn't want to spend too long, given they still had the closing set each day. A mere 16 minutes later, they were done.

  1. CHESS
  3. SHADE

9mm Parabellum Bullet

Possibly our most-seen opener/対バン so far, as they opened for J in 2007 & TSP in 2010. Nope, that one goes to a band on the 2nd day. But despite this being at least the 3rd time we've seen them now, I still know and remember nothing about them. J joined them for a song. They've got a DLC pack on Rocksmith, maybe I should re-watch the video & see if it's worth grabbing. Or maybe I'll pay more attention to them at Ozzfest, since they'll be there as well. >_<;

  1. Discommunication
  2. ハートに火をつけて
  3. Cold Edge (with J)
  4. Black Market Blues
  5. 生命のワルツ
  6. Punishment


Yes, that band with the guy who's so batshit insane I was inspired to actually draw a freakin' picture when they opened for J in 2011 (and who was similarly batshit the next year at EMI Rocks). They were pretty much the same, batshit guy going batshit as usual, having DISCO in nearly every song title, etc. Extra bonus points for playing the MECHANICAL DANCE bass solo during the soundcheck. XD

  1. Monkey Discooooooo
  3. Baby,Baby,Baby
  4. I Hate DISCOOOOOOO!!!
  5. Love&DISCO

Tokyo Yankees

A few songs into this band, I was like "Hey- wasn't this the old band that played Ace of Spades at hide summit (and wasn't even announced before hand)?" And sure enough, the second I'd confirmed it, they started playing it. lolz. PATA came out & joined them for the last song.

"EDEN" food court/booth area
  1. Pre-Emptive Strike
  2. Serial Killer
  3. Drugstore Cowboy
  4. Ace of Spades [Motörhead]
  5. (drum solo)
  6. RatRace
  7. Hollywood Heartbreaker (w/ PATA)


Never heard of these guys, but all their songs were in English, sung by a half-American dude, apparently.

  1. The Revelation
  2. No Escape
  3. Six Feet Under
  4. Die Tomorrow
  5. The War is On


Another older band that played hide summit unannounced. They started off w/ the Sex Pistols, continued w/ the hilariously named "SEX, SEX & ROCK'N ROLL", and ended on an old poppy 70s cover called "Booze & Tears & Men & Women" w/ RYUICHI joining in.

  1. Anarchy In The UK [Sex Pistols]
  4. Damage
  5. 酒と泪と男と女(w/ RYUICHI)


Siam Shade, or "Shom Shay" as it's usually pronounced in Japanese >_>, is one of those Big Name Bands that I'd never really heard- even back when we'd go to karaoke every week w/ hundreds of other people, I don't remember them coming up very often other than in conversation. Of course, that's probably partly because we spent most of our karabaka time in the ルナラルグレ room (LUNA/L'arc/Glay) XD. Anyway. Shinya came out & bantered for a bit, then asked to hear one of their songs, then took over vocals after the first line for the rest of the intro, prompting the vocalist to mock protest "You said *hear*, not *sing*!", then restarting the song after Shinya left. Oh, and the bass drum head had a print of the cover of the Drums magazine w/ him & Shinya on it.

  1. RAIN
  2. D.Z.I.
  3. 1/3 の純情な感情
  4. Still We Go
  5. Dreams
  6. BLACK
  8. Don't Tell Lies

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

We'd seen this band open for J (as several others had), and I remember not being terribly impressed, so I didn't feel too bad for having to go outside to give one of our friends her tickets. Ended up losing her before making it all the way back inside, too. lol. Oh well. Caught part of the end of the set, and they'll be at Ozzfest anyway.

  1. Rave-up Tonight
  2. Jump Around
  3. Starburst
  4. Flutter of Cherry Blossom
  5. Let Me Hear
  6. Virtue and Vice
  7. Just Awake

Dir en Grey

Ah, yes- Dir. The band who's gone from semi-poppy gothic-lolita v-kei to dark-ass metal. Did not recognize a single song from this set, although apparently one of the songs they'd played at Ozzfest. Lots of PV footage on the screen again, notably 2 videos that were thematically linked, about a teenage boy who murdered his parents, & in the next one helps some other abused kids torture & kill theirs. Lovely. >_<; Sugizo came out & played violin (!) on a song, which was... interesting... and the bassist had "Wake Up! Mother Fucker" written on his 5-string bass- apparently by J himself!

    and zero (SE)
  2. 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇
  4. 空谷の跫音 (w/ SGZ on violin)
  5. Un deux
  6. Revelation of mankind
  7. 羅刹国


Back to older bands- Dead End. These guys were a huge influence on LUNA SEA, and although I'd heard about Morrie multiple times I'd never seen or heard anything from him or his bands. So this was interesting. Ryuichi & Sugizo came out & joined for a song.

  1. I Want Your Love
  2. Psychomania
  3. serafine (w/ SUGIZO & RYUICHI)
  4. Dress Burning
  5. Devil Sleep

ESP display booth

X Japan

Up until this point, everyone had stayed pretty much right on schedule. I mean, you kinda have to when there are this many bands. But put Yoshiki and Sugizo together, esp. w/ Sugizo being in both bands, and that's just a recipe for disaster. The logo came up on the screen only about 6m late, but the intro SE was 10. And then it just dragged out into possibly the longest on-stage wank-fest since I made the mistake of seeing Moi dix mois on Mana-sama's birthday.

First off, they started by playing this overly long video showing highlights of their overseas tour, which was pretty much filled with slow-motion shots of the band cut with white girls bawling. -_-;; Dude, we know you're popular even outside Japan, but we came here to watch YOU (well, most of us, at least :P"), not a fucking documentary of your last foreign tour.

So after 3 (mind you, decent) songs it's apparently chatty time. "Oh, yeah, so, we've been meaning to record a new album" (you know, the one they've been promising for years now? The one they said would be out in fall 2011?) "but Sugizo was too busy doing LUNA SEA's 25th Anniversary Tour..." Wow, way to sound completely selfish & spoiled. "So maybe now that their tour is over we can start recording. Hey, let's start right now!" Um, wut? So the next 10m or so is spent w/ Yoshiki playing a few measures on piano & having the crowd sing a 4-bar pattern of la-la-las, then more of the band joining in & Toshi singing words over the top. And we did this about 20 times, cuz, you know, gotta make sure there's a good take in there. Then Yoshiki plays piano for a bit longer (I swear there was a WISH tease in there or something...), before leading into- Endless Rain. "Oh great, there goes another 15m," I'm thinking, but fortunately it only lasted the usual (studio) 6.5.

Another new-ish (2010 song before their title/theme song, X, which lasted 13m, meaning lots & lots of repeats, and really long "last" chords drawn out for minutes at a time. *yawn* This is why your sets have so few songs! By the time they finished that & the PA finished playing them out to "Tears", it was 7:01. LUNA SEA was supposed to start at 7:05, following a 30-minute set change. Which meant X was supposed to be done by 6:35. Which means they went a full 26 minutes over their allotted time. Which is simply not fucking acceptable at a festival with this many bands. If Sugizo wasn't part of it (and thus semi-implicitly allowing it to happen) I'd be even more irritated. But whatever.

    Miracle (SE)
  1. JADE
  2. Rusty Nail
  3. Kiss the Sky (new song recorded w/ audience sing-along)
  4. Endless Rain
  5. Born to be free
  6. X
    Tears (SE)


So with X going 26m over, I expected LUNA SEA to start around 7:35 instead of 7:05 as scheduled. That, too, was apparently optimistic, as they didn't start their Moonlight Sonata intro until 7:43. >_<; We did get a little entertainment while we waited, though, in the form of a drum solo on Shinya's kit by Siam Shade drummer Jun-ji. XD

All was not lost, though, as LUNA SEA delivered with an awesome set. The triple neck came out first thing for LOVELESS, then the usual string of hits & fan favorites, before they started talking about how "someone" was there with them, and started looking up. Pretty soon the screens were filled w/ giant pictures of hide, and they started playing Pink Spider! Yeah, we got to see Shinya & Sugizo play it along w/ X Japan at the hide summit, but this was a pure LS cover!

After this Ryuichi announced that they'd stopped being a "rain band", since it didn't really rain that weekend, despite it being the rainy season and there being typhoons semi-near Japan within a few days before and after. At this point George from LADIESROOM came out and started talking about how great LUNA SEA is- it was clear he'd become quite drunk over the course of the day, and as their sempai, LS seemed too afraid to cut him off when he kept going... finally one of his bandmates came out & took the mic away from him, then practically dragged him off stage. XD

After the encore break, we basically got a repeat of the 無敵バンド from hide summit again, with a bunch of other band members joining the stage for PRECIOUS..., including all of X (Yoshiki on hide's guitar), the telephones, 9mm, Morrie, Dir's bassist, Siam Shade's vocalist, etc. After that was WISH, which wrapped up the show as usual- luckily there were some ribbon shooters in the blocked-off section behind us where some cameras were stationed, so we managed to grab a couple.

rings over the entry hall

Ryuichi's voice was a bit off that day from yelling too much or something, although the reaction on twitter afterwards from non-regulars was "THAT was his 'off' voice?? JFC how good does he usually sound?" XD

    Moonlight Sonata (SE)
  2. Déjàvu
  3. Rouge
  4. JESUS
  6. gravity
  7. Sweet comes again
  8. I for You
  9. ピンクスパイダー [hide]
  10. STORM
  12. ROSIER
  13. PRECIOUS... (mega-session)
  14. WISH
    Mother (piano solo instr)

So yes, overall a good first day, despite X Japan screwing up the schedule. :P" Up next, day 2!

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2015/06/05,07 J - Dessert Flame Frequency: 渋谷 duo/青山 CAY; Tokyo, JP

club duo

First DFF shows in 5 years! The poorly-named "Dessert Flame Frequency" (really? was he actually going for flamb&eacture; here? or just can't spell Desert?) acoustic show was last done in 2010, and this time we got a bit of a bonus- CB! He'd said before leaving that he'd still do DFF, so he was there along w/ GTN and masa, who took turns on 2nd guitar duties, as well as the additional studio drummer Masuo who apparently fills in when Scott's not around, who took a set himself. The sets were the same on both days (including both CAY performances, which were FC-only & at a tiny, seated venue- they added an extra show earlier the same day to accomodate all the people that applied, and of course Girl & I ended up at different shows. Oh well- at least we both got in at all; a bunch of people we knew didn't.

Anyway. Of course, the highlights of the shows were CB's banter, starting off with the first show's comment 「今日は…大好き…藤田さん…ファイト…DFF!」 (Daisuki Fujita-san, Fight: DFF!) This later became Daisuki Fujita-san Fuck: DFF. XD At the next show it became 大丈夫・藤田さん・ファイト (Daijoubu Fujita-san, Fight). Oh, CB! XD

Still waiting on plans to find out if we'll be seeing the Doom show on Halloween. Also, we're coming up on 100 J shows. Depending on what counts, the 100th show will probably be one of the year-end shows. Crazy. >_<;

    Set 1: J, gt: CBGB + GTN, dr: Scott
  1. A FIT
  3. GO with the Devil (J on guitar, then bass)
  4. Suicide Dream
    Set 2: J, gt: CBGB + masasucks, dr: Masuo
  6. Blank
  7. here we go
  8. Twisted dreams
  9. If you can see me
  10. island
    Set 3: J, gt: CBGB + GTN, dr: Scott
  11. URGE (instrumental)
  12. LIE-LIE-LIE / Batman Theme (tease)
    Encore: J, gt: CBGB + GTN + masasucks
  15. Nowhere (dr: Masuo, perc: Scott)
  16. Feel Your Blaze (dr: Scott, perc: Masuo)

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2015/05/28 Atom on Sphere: 下北沢 GARDEN; Tokyo, JP


First chance we've had to see AoS in a year & a half... seems they always scheduled something when we were gone or had another show or something... anyway. They're still playing the same "new" songs that aren't new anymore, but still haven't come out since they only have the 1 album (Ken mentioned this even, lol), but this time there was a NEW new song as well, debuting that night. They said the'd be recording from July, so hopefully a new album/single/EP/whatever will be coming soon...

Another amusing tidbit was Keitaimo saying "Please don't buy the mustache wax", which made me go "Huh? Am I hearing that right?" until looking over at the goods table afterwards to discover that yes, in fact, they were actually selling mustache wax. lolz. So we grabbed a tin. XD Ostensibly for our friend, since I haven't had a twirlable mustache in quite some time (since last year's Katamari show, probably), but who knows when we'll see him again (next time he visits JP?)... oh well.

  1. Dead Battery
  2. Goodnight Blue
  3. Swallow
  4. (Unknown: get it on)
  5. (Unknown: secret life of mine) (1st time played)
  6. (Unknown: get up/down with the sound)
  7. Molotov
  8. Stars
  9. Telephone Eyes
  10. Keep Me On

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2015/05/06 J: EX Theater 六本木; Tokyo, JP


First non-FC J show w/ the new lineup (masa + GTN). Noticed masa had 2 Mesa-Boogie amps, but one of the MESA logos was modded to say MASA... lolz. I'm way behind on review & don't have many notes written for this, other than J coming back after the break & saying "So last year, you probably know, but this band called Luna Sea...." & everyone screamed. XD Got the same 2 new songs as the previous week's show, Rolling & 1 other we won't know the title of until the album comes out in September. Or wait- no, we get to hear it early before the birthday show! ha, almost forgot about that. So maybe I'll figure it out then, if my notes are enough to do so ("desc. gt intro, はげしく") >_<;.

Since we were in Roppongi, we ended up at Frijoles afterwards (pretty much a Chipotle clone), which meant it was most of our PYRO friends' first time eating burritos. XD One girl ate hers sideways, but then couldn't finish, so she gave it to another guy who didn't order anything for some reason & everything nearly fell out trying to pass it over. XD

  1. break
  3. here we go
  4. Love to Kill
  5. Vida Rosa
  6. Rolling
  7. (new song)
  8. ray of light
  10. [drum solo]
  11. Go Crazy
  12. Drivin' Now
  13. addiction
  15. Feel Your Blaze
  16. BURN OUT
  17. Evoke the World

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2015/05/02 Symphonic LUNA SEA -Reboot-: Suntory Hall; Tokyo, JP

instant setlist XD

First Symphonic Luna Sea concert! The set was split up a bit, with a small strings section + piano in the first half, and a full orchestra in the 2nd, with talk events in between. Ryuichi sang on I for You, the rest were instrumental. They even threw in a couple of non-LS songs to expand the horizons of the non-classical listeners or something (although Moonlight Sonata has been used as intro music so much it barely counts). :P"

  1. Moonlight Sonata [Beethoven]
  2. THE ONE (short arrangement)
  3. MARIA
    (talk with SUGIZO)
  4. Pavane pour une infante défunte [Ravel]
  5. RA-SE-N
  6. absorb
  8. I for You
    (talk with RYUICHI)
  9. Grace

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2015/04/29 J: 恵比寿 Liquidroom; Tokyo, JP

J @ Liquidroom

First J show without CB. ;_; It's nice to have masa back, though, although the sound is a bit different. Girl (and others) was(/where) particularly disappointed that Graceful Days wasn't done on the countdown live instead, since CB's solo is such a big part of it- esp. as the "fan selection". Oh well. Other than that, it was interesting now to try to figure out which parts of which songs were being covered by which guitarists- particularly the ones masa was around for before he left. It looks like for most of those, masa kept his old parts, and GTN switched to CB's part, but it's hard to tell on some. I'm sure there are parts of some songs where they're each playing their own thing and "CB's part" just isn't there anymore- at least not the way CB played it. But anyway. J mentioned working on a new album, that GTN's guitar was good, and they were waiting on him.

  1. Sixteen
  2. Die for you
  3. break
  4. Twisted dreams
  6. Rolling (new song)
  7. (Unknown) (new song)
  8. Graceful Days
  9. If you can see me
  10. Love to Kill
  13. Nowhere
  14. Go Crazy
  16. Feel Your Blaze

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2015/04/25 FAKE?: 新宿 BLAZE; Tokyo, JP

photo area

First FAKE? show in just over a year, and at the same place. They had a little photo area set up in the lobby, which they encouraged people to post & tag. Their bassist was the guy from Fuzzy Control who had the J writing on his bass from the year before. And the drummer wore a helmet w/ a GoPro on it for some of the songs, so who knows if we can expect a DVD anytime soon. The MC included Ken mentioning the picture online of the guy wearing his hoodie backwards & filling the hood with popcorn- don't remember why he mentioned it or what he said about it though, lol. Oh, and we got our first performance of INTO EVERYTHING!

  1. Serial Killa
  2. Buzz
  5. ICU
  7. Dreamcatcher
    (Pablo and Masa play different songs at the same time)
  9. Two Hearts
  11. Lucifer's Cut
  12. DISCO
  13. NIBIRU
  15. Addicted
  16. Radio's Dead

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2015/04/07 James Iha: TSUTAYA O-East; Tokyo, JP


Ah, James. Just the mellowness I need to calm down from the fucking LUNATIC FEST craziness.

The lineup was pretty bare- James and another guy (Nathan Beale) on guitars, Horie (from the Yukihiro Takahashi IN PHASE lineup) on keyboards, and a drum machine for some of the songs (starred), whose name was Michael, apparently. He introduced Blew Away with "This is an old song. By... Uriah Heep." At some point he asked if there were a lot of love hotels nearby (there kinda are), and then asked "What do you do in love hotels?" A brief pause while the audience laughed, then "Karaoke?", at which point he looked over at Horie and started singing something about seasons in the sun, which pretty much the entire crowd cracked up over. Apparently it was some big 80s song, so I'm guessing Horie sang it while they were at karaoke recently or something. At the end of the said he thanked everyone for coming out & said "We have 1 last... jam. This is a song from my old band, Smashing Pumpkins, and I'll try to sing it." Ah, Mayonaise. He did sing the "always old, I'll always feel this" line twice instead of the "old enough to always feel this" line first. Oops. Oh well. It's been a while. XD

  1. Make Believe
  2. Summer Days *
  3. Gemini *
  4. Speed of Love *
  5. Blew Away
  6. Country Girl
  7. Appetite *
  8. Be Strong Now
  9. Season in the Sun [TUBE] (tease)
  10. Till Next Tuesday *
  11. Back with You [Tinted Windows]*
  12. To Who Knows Where *
  13. Mayonaise
  14. #9 Dream [John Lennon] *

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2015/03/14 LUNA SEA: 大阪城ホール; Tokyo, JP

Osaka-jo Hall

So those "final" Tokyo shows? Yeah, they weren't the final. This was, and was tacked on at the end of the tour, after all the other tickets had been sold, after we'd stressed out about missing a Tokyo show in the first place, and after much trauma involving my band... -_-; But whatever. We should be used to the never-ending added string of shows. And it turned out even this wouldn't be the last, either. >_<;;

Ended up going to Osaka a day early since Girl had a work party (aka karaoke) there the night before. Had breakfast w/ our local friend and got to the venue early-ish. Chilled w/ some friends, unloaded our extras, and waited around until doors. Our seats were J-side about halfway back in the arena, a couple rows behind the SLAVE seats, so, not too bad!

Setlist wise, it was fairly standard for the 25th Anniversary Tour- mostly new album stuff again, w/ the usual regulars. This time the violin+AG Jam had Ryuichi singing along, & not just ah/la/woa- I think I made out a "close your eyes" in there somewhere... Will have to check the broadcast when I ever get around to watching it. During LOVE SONG, the screen showed a bunch of old live footage & PVs. During the band intro, everyone took turns yelling "めっ !…ちゃ好きだね。", micless. At some point RYUICHI said "Should we allow pictures?" And before I even knew what was going on, everyone in the crowd was reaching down into the bags & pulling out their phones. So yay, crappy phone pix from halfway back! :P"

"Should we let people take pictures?"

And then the show ended, and the lights went down, and the screen lit up. And announced- the 25th Anniversary Tour "Epilogue" - a 2-day FESTIVAL called LUNATIC FEST. Oh FFS just shut up & take my money, already! So of course we ordered our 2-day passes well before any of the bands were announced. Which they did really annoyingly, too. So the first announcement, done at the end of the Osaka show and in every single media outlet ever, was "next action: 3/20!" And then on the 20th, they announced.... the freaking stage layout, which is really bizarre- instead of the usual festival 3-across stages, the 3 stages are in separate corners of a rectangle around the audience, with diagonal catwalks jutting out. Which means it's gonna be difficult to try to figure out where to stand to maximize proximity to the bands of most interest. Which- let's just say there will be more than at the other festivals we've been to. Including hide summit. >_<; The next announcement (4/10) turned out to be an empty fucking timetable with a number of slots on each day, so all we really knew was the NUMBER of bands, the first set of actual names of which wouldn't be announced until 4/30.

So, the actual announcements. First set of bands announced on 4/30 pretty much fell into 2 categories: old, well-known bands, and newer bands, most of which have opened for J. This included [Alexandros] (J opener 2014), KA.F.KA (supergroup of old musicians, including Ken Morioka and Masami Tsuchiya, both of whom have played at BUCK-TICK On PARADE), 9mm Parabellum Bullet (J opener 2007 AND TSP opener 2010), GLAY (old, well-known band), coldrain (newer band, the outlier), SIAM SHADE (90s), Dir en Grey (ditto), Feat & Loathing in Las Vegas (J opener 2014), MUCC (90s, played hide summit, Summmer Sonic, and BT on Parade), and ROTTENGRAFFTY (J opener 2007). 4 days later they made a separate announcement just to say which of those 10 bands would be playing on which day. 9_9; The 2nd actual band announcement (5/8) listed a few more that we'd heard of, but not quite as much as the first batch: DEAD END (old band w/ Morrie, whom I've heard much about, but never actually heard), Tokyo Yankees (old band that played hide summit), LADIESROOM (ditto), AION (old band I haven't heard (of)), D'erlanger (old band I have heard/of), and minus(-) (Ken Morioka and Maki Fujii, another ex-Soft Ballet member, who was also part of Schaft w/ 今井 of B-T).

my crappy cell pic :P"

5/11 was a slightly disappointing announcement with only 2 bands: the telephones (a crazy hyperactive pop band that we saw at J and EMI Rocks) and 凛 として時雨, a band with the most horrible screamy falsetto vocals I've ever heard, who opened for TSP (even Girl hated them more than 女王蜂 :P"). Which left only 2 slots, which everyone knew would be the headliners, to be announced on 5/18. Everyone had been guessing X Japan, and hoping for BUCK-TICK. Well, it turns out Yoshiki accidentally tweeted a day early, prompting many to say "Hm, time difference?" thinking he was still in LA, although he'd recently twat a pic of Mt. Fuji from the plane, so whatever. So they made another pre-announcement announcement to say that the final lineup would be announced at 4am. FFS. So I was woken up groggily around 5 or 6 that morning by kitty jumping over us to look out the window, and Girl confirming that it was, in fact, X Japan and BT.

So yeah. LUNA SEA and BUCK-TICK together. A bit annoying that FAKE? didn't make the lineup, but damn. There's a reason I started a double cover band called LUNA-TICK. ;_;

  1. Anthem of Light
  2. Déjàvu
  3. JESUS
  4. Rouge
  5. 銀の月
  6. Glowing
  7. Violin + A.G. Jam
  8. Drum Solo (with Ocean (Dead Can Dance))
  10. I for You
  11. Thoughts
  12. Bass Solo
  14. ROSIER
  15. absorb
  17. Metamorphosis
  19. WISH
  20. Grace

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